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I’m not prepared to assume that emergency preparedness and storage is for everyone.

One man openly shared with me that he felt he had lived life well and fully, and that he would be prepared to wholly surrender to a major disaster.  In the end, we all die of something.

How many of us question the likelihood of experiencing a major disaster within our lifetime?

Despite everything, some of us find ourselves revisiting the idea after rejecting it for being both time-consuming and costly.  We already live on-the-go and multitask in an effort to free up more time for our families, ourselves, and our communities.

We created this blog because we firmly believe that

}…cost and convenience keep many of us from storing food and other preparedness items

}…with very few exceptions long-term food storage should not cost much more than what we would sensibly spend on groceries

}…emergency preparedness and storage can benefit everyone

}…we can help

Your time is invaluable.  We’re glad you’re here.